Fantastic Beats and where to find them.

A documentary looking at the hip hop scene in Chicago produced by Mellif Productions and directed by Sam Walker.

In 2018 I created promotional material for a music based documentary filmed in Chicago, Illinois. It was filmed and produced by music journalist and film production graduate Sam Walker of Mellif Productions ( The documentary explores a variety of emerging and established musicians and poets from Chicago and tells their stories. 

I wanted to create a logo that was clear and versatile. Sam is planning to create a series of these documentaries focusing on different cities and their relationships with hip hop music. This means that the logo has to be able to translate into many different formats. The main inspiration for the shape and aesthetic of the logo are street signs particularly ones in the states. 

As well as designing the film poster and logo I wanted to create merchandise. Here's a t-shirt design with the shortened logo on, this would go alongside other products like tote bags and mugs. 

In 2019 we hope to produce the second part of the series which will be set in Atlanta. It will be about hip hop again but will be interesting to compare both cities and see how environment can effect creativity. The colour schemes were chosen as they relate to the city either because of their architecture or sports teams. The aesthetic I have created would be easily transferrable between locations. 

© 2020 by Jess Ball Illustration

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